I need to never even look at valium again.   

I need to get up off my floor and get dressed ,but I'm fairly sure that's not going to happen.

I want almost to the point needing to talk to my Mom.

I need to stop crying into this cup of coffee and just get my sorry *** over this ****

as much as I don't want to need  it I need help


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3 Responses Sep 22, 2009

Hey, I happen to like Vicadin. Talking on the internet about it doesn't do any good, trust me. Eventually you just have to decide not to be a loser and stop getting the drugs. That's what I did. They send you to a world that isn't real and they make you more depressed because you feel like a loser. So just throw them away. Take a hike in the mountains or something to clean you out.

I'm very sorry to hear this. But just know that you aren't the only one who struggles with addiction.<br />
I have one too, but I don't feel comfortable with sharing it, plus it might seem sort of nuts anyhow...<br />
But it's very good that you realize you have a problem. Some people get so used to doing it that they don't even realize they have a problem.<br />
And it's also good that you want to better yourself.<br />
Maybe you should talk to your mom and explain things to her.

Yes hun you do need help. I hope you stop taking your valium for sure you abuse it!