A Dry Drunk

Posted by lafsnack on Nov 11th, 2010 at 1:27PM
mY MUM IS IN A RETIREMENT HOME HERE In Nz. my sister has become the Power of attourney so all the decision making she has done in her own stupid beligerent manner without seeking any discussion or agreement from ME. WHICH SHES SUPPOSED TO DO. But she is a dry drunk and to anyone knowing what alcoholics that dont drink or address there condition by going to a 12step group ARE LIKE, yoU WILL UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE IS LIKE to have to deal with. So mums in a retirement place sHE HATES BEING IN, while my sister is in ENGLAND FOR 6 months, having the time of her life, with free rent in Nz, and her kids paying the mortgage on her own house. With mums chEQUE BOOK IN Her back pocket!

So this is an example of how a Dry Drunk, or an Alcoholic who no longer drinks, but still has the characteristics and unaddressed personality traits of an alcoholic lives and effects their family circle and connections.  Everyone concerned is effected by this person.  Even to an extent that they themselves need help with mental and behavioural dissorder, that arrises from this on going contact.  Hence, i have absolutely no contact wih brother or sister.  I cant help them if they remain in that state wont even start to recognise thier condition which so effects me.
   If you experience such disstress from a family member, or anyone in your life,  there are 12 step programmes available.   Alannon comes to mind.   I have had attended these groups and bennefitted greatly.
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There is a lot of milicious mischief that goes on when it comes to power of attorney in families.

means they never learned to think sober they only know how to think as a drunk...if they started drinking at age 20 that is where thier emotonal growth stop.

She started early and stopped 10 years ago or so after a rehab stay, but she never continued in a recovery program and felt she was cured. So she is still a dry drunk.