Sept 5, 2012

I had a pretty productive day. I got most of my room together. The rest consists of dirty clothes and stationary stuff i need to get in order, but its a combo of getting the basement and dad's room organized as well, so i'm having trouble tackling that for now. i'll look in to it eventually. i was thinking i need to socialize tonight, so i dont get depressed and lonely, but i think i'm okay. i think i can save that for tomorrow. i feel good

i really do, i feel good.
i cleaned, i organized, i showered, cody called me twice which was amazing. because i love him so much. technically he called me thrice, but i missed the first call. its okay though because he left this amazing voice message which i got to save :). towards the end of the msg he says how much he misses me. and it was just really sweet because he normally doesn't talk like that you know. 

i prayed too. and i feel really good about it. i didn't work out but i'd like to think that my commute and the cleaning counts as a work out. i didn't study either, but i'm taking it easy, at least until i get most of my room set. which i think at this point is pretty good to go. i might consider studying tomorrow. 

i'm excited cuz i get my car tomorrow. which is gunna be awesome. and i do look forward to my clothessss. altho space does seem more limited here. i'll try to figure it out though. so class, the health thing for nyu, eat maybe, i'm craving yogurt. like really good fresh yogurt. i need to find a good joint in the city tomorrow. i get my car at some point. i'll be praying. insh'allah. i wont miss my prayers. i know i dont do them on time, but at this point i'm honestly really happy just becuase i'm praying. i'm doing them, that's a big deal for me. i kinda just wanna watch grey's and that's what i was doing, but i felt like i needed to write this quickly. the problem with that is "quickly" turns into some ginormous paragraph lol. 

anyways, i'm doing pretty good today. i had a few sad bouts, but they passed. i miss daddy. and i miss cody. its weird he's not here. and i hear random sounds and that's bothersome sometimes. and i saw a creepy large creature outside when i went to let the dogs out. i think it was a raccoon but seriously who knows. it was horrifying though. i gotta check the trash in the morning and make sure they didn't make a mess of the garbage. ugh. i hope they didn't. cuz then i'd have to clean it up. 
i'm considering driving close to the subway, save myself that walk. i know its lazy of me. but i'm lazy like that :P

yay car. and all that awesome stuff in the car!

yay. i love that i'm blessed with all this stuff, and all the people in my life. 

i need to pray and be grateful and thankful and i need to call mom. and text shal and see how my friends are, and just connect. 

i love him so much. i'm so happy.
i had such a great time with him in nyc. like an unbelievably amazing time
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Sep 5, 2012