I Need Some Space

I was just married and I love my husband and have no problem sharing my space with him but we still live at home and even though we technically have a small part of the house to our selves I feel more and more that I hate the rest of my family being in it and I just want them to leave me alone I have younger brothers and sisters and older ones to and I have been working almost none stop and just want to come home to my husband and no one else I am sick of being told how to act how this needs to work and what needs to go on between me and my husband I don't need marriage advice I just want to live my life with my husband without any one else interfering and telling me I am doing it wrong I just want people to leave my life alone. If me and my husband need to talk about something we will talk about it but no one else needs to be involved in our lives. If I need advice I will ask for it. Do not tell me what I need to do I am not a child I am 20 years old and want to be treated like it I work I help pay the bills I don't care about whole wheat bread or if I punch right I don't care what you have to say any more if you want to tell me once that's ok but don't keep hammering it into my head. Leave me alone.
fae430 fae430
Dec 29, 2010