I Rarely Get It

Space that is.

All morning long at work, I get very little space as I care for very young children. I love kids, but they don't give you much space.

Then the rest of the day I am with my two small kids. My daughter especially is always on me, like a cat. I love that she wants to be close to me, and I enjoy cuddling with her. Same with my son. Some day when they are older, they won't want be on top of me all the time, so I have to remember this when it gets suffocating.

Then there is my cat. If there isn't a kid on me, he will try to get on me.

My husband doesn't seem to be a problem as he rarely touches me. lol

So at the end of the day, i enjoy my space. When the kids are in bed, and i get to be all alone. I like it.
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10 Responses Apr 2, 2011

Oh my gosh! That is so my life right now. My kids need me my husband needs me (every morning he needs me then he is fine to give space haha) My stinkin' pets need me. I don't want to be "needed" for three days straight. I'd like to miss the chaos that is my life right now. I feel burned out.

What is this about broken weiners?

He touched you and you broke his weiner! lol I would be cautious too. For me its the dog. The dog thinks the couch is his. So whether you are there or not he is there too. ANd there isn't room for both of us.

I started counting one day and then I got the duct tape and it stopped. <br />
<br />
BCJ- sounds like the book of Job.

McT - I know exactly how you feel. "Mom, can you.... Mom, I need... Mom... Mom... Mom...!" They always want me to be the one to put them to bed, me to read to them, me to play with them, sit with me when I'm chillin' on the couch. I love them and I love that they want to be with me, but sometimes I just want to run away! At least I get a break at work! I feel for ya!

I had this<br />
<br />
three boys <br />
two girls<br />
two dogs<br />
one wife<br />
two pigs - I ate them<br />
one cow<br />
300 chickens -them too<br />
2 geese<br />
<br />
not any longer - and the peace is blissful.

I love it when I get alone time in my car. I just sing.

I remember those days! <br />
Now I have it with the Grandies when we share space. It's wonderful! But it is lovely to be home alone too, and doing my "thing".<br />
Then I miss them climbing on, hanging on and sitting on me again.<br />
It's great to be a Granny!

I have this baby gate. If I can deal with they crying, I use it. :) And I ration toys. So when I pull one out it's like they never saw it before. Otherwise they hang all over me.

It's sad that your husband doesn't touch you.