I Always Thought I Needed Space

I have always been one of these people. I definitely need my alone time, and do not know how some people can just constantly be around others all day long and not seem to have an issue with it. I think me being an only child has a lot to do with this. I recently started dating someone, though, and he is someone who definitely does not need a lot of alone time. I thought this would be a problem in the relationship and 'cherished' any moment I had alone. I see him everyday, but there was one day about two weeks ago where he was at home and apparently had fallen asleep and was not going to come over. It should have been a great day for me, LOL, but I realized 'wow I really miss this guy, what is he doing why is he not here,' so I ended up calling him and saw him. It was the first time in my life, though, where I really thought I wanted to be alone, and ultimately I guess I did not. Of course it is still nice to get that moment alone, but I guess I do not need as much as I thought I did.
UnderneathThaStarz UnderneathThaStarz
1 Response Apr 3, 2011

I agree with NO8DO...that's a very good sign! I'm the same way, I get wayyyy too much "people" contact. I prefer to hang with my dogs, lol...but my man had to go out of town for a week unexpectedly, omg...I lost it and felt like a huge idiot! The rational side of me was like, it's only a week, get over it...but the part of me that took over said, "oh no! what am i going to do for an entire week alone!" I ended up getting a tattoo, lol...