I Am So Happy He's Starting A New Job.

My boyfriend and I have lived together since before we started dating. While it has been AWESOME we have also worked together for the past year. We work at different locations, but we work alone so we are often on the phone with each other. We carpool. We both have the same 4 days off a week.

He finally got a new job. I will leave before he gets up and be asleep by the time he gets home. We will have one day off together. This is also a job he really wanted, to that is a perk, too.

The closeness was killing our relationship.

I am very excited for next week.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

It seems as though you two need some space. Too much of time together that has created an excess of time. They say absence make the hearts grow fonder. Hope this will be case with you.

I think so. I've gone out of town without him and while I missed him it was nice seeing him again. I'm beginning to get really frustrated and I think it's all because of constant proximity haha!

The change will definitely help.