When People Will Understand Me Completly !

i wonder when people will get me entirely without getting confused about understanding me , i do know how letters pronounce but i cant pronounce them , something wrong with my tongue :((

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2 Responses Apr 21, 2010

Do you have trouble moving your tongue to produce the sounds you want to? Do you have difficulty putting sounds and syllables together in the correct order to form words. Do you find longer or more complex words are usually harder to say than shorter or simpler words. Do you find that For you may say a difficult word correctly but then have trouble repeating it, or may be able to say a particular sound one day and have trouble with the same sound the next day? If so, you may suffer from Apraxia of speech. I would suggest an appointment with a speech pathologist.

Aww it is alright. I went through speech therapy while i was in elementary school. A lot of people had a hard time understanding me too. Just keep your head up high, you will get through it. If you ever want to chat message me :) Hang in there.