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Big **** Little **** Comparison

Woking out is everything to me but the only thing better is the shower after the work out. I was drying outside the shower when I looked up at the guy shaving in front of the mirror. Very fit, about 40 years old. I then realized he was naked and he had a huge ****. Hanging soft, it was a thick six inches - far bigger than my hard little penis at 5" long and 4" around. Looking down at my soft 1.5 inches I felt so submissive in the presence of this superior male.

I left my towel on the bench and stood next to his guy in front of the mirror - totally naked and started shaving. My hope was he would notice my little penis and others would see how small I was in comparison to him. Well, I didn't have to wait long! I notice he glanced down and then I saw the biggest smile came across his face. "Wow, I have to say, that is the smallest penis I have ever seen in here!" "How small is it?" "5 inches when it gets hard." "Your wife doesn't mind how small its is? It actually looks on the thin side too? I guess when you are *******, it probbly feels like she is getting fingered!" he laughed. All this attention on my little penis, started to wake it up. I could feel it growing and saw it start to raise in the mirror. Embarrassed, I tried to turn away be fore he saw it. Too late!

"Wait a minute, your getting a little stiffy. Let me see that little guy!" He grabbed me and spun me to face him. It was now very stiff and pointed up. It was clear his soft **** was much larger than my hard little penis. "Stay here" he commanded, " I want to take a picture of it with my phone so I can show my wife." I obediently waited for him to return and let him take several pictures from different angles - with him telling me to turn this way and that. He laughed again as he walked away saying "she will not believe this!"

I was so stiff at this point I had to relieve myself. I went into the bathroom and rubbed my stiff penis , holding the little penis between the tips of my thumb and pointer while taking short little strokes. I came very quickly.

I got dressed and left. As I went into the lobby of the gym, I saw the big cocked guy speaking with his wife and showing her the pictures. He saw me and pointed. She looked at the phone again, then back at me and smiled, a very confident smug smile as if she was telling me she knew my little secret and would soon let her friends in on it as well. As I walked out, I could feel my little penis starting to grow again!
hardlittlepenis hardlittlepenis 41-45, M 10 Responses Feb 6, 2012

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Hot story. When I was younger, under 55, I used to have a normal sized ****, about 7" hard, 5" soft. Then my **** started to shrink as I aged. Now I have a teenie weenie that is 2" soft anf 3" hard. I still love my teenie weenie but my wife has very little interest in it now. I do feel some humiliation when my wife and I go to our nude beach and I see people, especially women, looking at my teenie weenie while they smirk and laugh. Most of the time they look away when I catch them laughing at my teenie weenie. Although I do feel good and relaxed after everyone has seen my teenie weenie.

While online **** may lead us to believe otherwise, a five-inch penis is not that small, actually at the lower end of the average range.

Great story. What wonderful humiliation. I love that you just stood there when he told you to and let him take photos of your little ****. I hope his wife and her friends had a good laugh at you.

Big ain't always best. :-)

Glad you shared this -- its really all in your head -- and not just your dickhead!<br />
<br />
I have seem masc, commanding men with small, almost micropenises and they have impressed me nonetheless.<br />
<br />
I like that your smallness made you feel "submissive" to the bigger man.

Thanks! I really do enjoy having a small penis!

A five inch **** isn't THAT small! The average range is 5 to 7. Don't obsess about it.

I lived in a large shared household many years ago. Although i got on well with most of the others who lived there one guy, Lorin and I did not like each other at all. We were also rivals for the attentions of one of the girls who lived there (Susan). I seemed to have the upper hand in the rivalry as she flirted with me a lot more than she did with Lorin. <br />
He was obviously unhappy about my apparent advantage over him and I suspected that his interest in Susan had more to do with competing with me than desiring her. <br />
For the most part we mostly avoided each other when at home. As it was a very large house this was not too much of a problem. We also rarely socialized in general except when we were part of a group of people from the house. Lorin was never directly confrontational and I mostly tried to ignore him. He seemed to be somewhat intimidated by me even though I was never openly aggressive with him. He did however like to talk about me behind my back in attempts to undermine me and my relationship with the other householders. I was certain part of his scheme was to get me kicked out of the house. I regularily heard about things he said about me that were just blatantly untrue. Fortunately most of the others took it all with a grain of salt but he did have a few people, including one of the other girls who were on friendly terms with him and were part of his own little inner circle of confidence. Even so they had nothing personal against me so did not join in his campaign even if they did simpathize with him. <br />
Anyway our tepid relationship and rivalry was to suffer a sea change that made it openly malignant. <br />
I occasionally went to a nearby college and used some of the facilities. I was formerly an adult student there and knew when it was somewhat quiet and I could slip in anonimously to use the pool and/or exercise equipment. On one such occasion I had been for a swim and was happily taking a shower in the changeroom afterwards. The place was completely deserted. I had only been in the shower for a very short time when I heard someone enter the room and open up a locker. I remained where I was as it was out of direct line of site just in case it was a college employee who may know I am not a student or faculty member. I hoped they would just change and go to the pool or the gym without using the shower. <br />
I was facing away when I heard one of the other showers being turned on and decided to exit whilst they were occupied. I took a quick glance over at them and to my shock (and horror) it was Lorin. I know he also used to take some courses at this college but i had no idea he also illicitly used the facilities. At that moment he turned and faced me and immediately he had a very smug, self-satisfied and mocking grin on his face. I in turn must have had a very dismayed and sheepish look on mine. <br />
Lorin was sporting a very long, very thick **** hanging across his equally impressive balls. He was smirking because I on the other hand had a very tiny little boy size dink poking out above my much smaller testicles. <br />
i heard a slight chuckle as I dashed wordlessly past him to get dressed and flee. From behind my back I heard Lorin chastise me "Well, Well not such a big man now are we" Does Susan know you have such a tiny ****?" I suppose she wouldnt waste her time with you if she did" . <br />
He carried on while I couldnt get towelled off and dressed fast enough - "You know she saw my **** once - when she walked in on me after i got out of the shower at home?" I suspected that was probably a lie just to chasten me further but I was also certain he would find some way for Susan to be informed at just how manly he is compared to me. <br />
All was quiet for about a week or so as I avoided Lorin as much as possible but when I did run into him he always had a smirk and a mocking remark to greet me. <br />
I noticed that Susan though still very friendly and sociable towards me had stopped flirting with me. I eventually heard thru the household grapevine and one very telling overheard conversation between 2 of the other girls in the house that Anna (one of Lorins inner circle) had gossipped to all the other girls about the shower incident. So judging by Susan's cooled attentions I guessed she must have believed the tale. <br />
Lorin became totally emboldened by his penile superiority and was decidedly more openly confrontational with me. This didnt make him very popular with the rest of the household but it didnt help my standing either. The "vicious rumour" about my tiny penis changed to "confirmed" status however when Anna (probably at Lorins behest) burst in on me while I was showering at home. She unabashedly proclaimed "I just had to check for myself" after she took a good look at my tiny package before running out. <br />
The final death knell for me having any chance with Susan was when she caught me ************ and saw for herself that I have little to offer erect either. <br />
I moved out a few months later as I had taken a job in another town but I heard Lorin had been ejected from the house eventually (the conniving little **** had pissed off too many people I suspect) I also heard that he did **** Susan a few times after I was gone but his decrepid personality I guess ensured that his big **** didnt comensate for being a nasty ****-head.

Very exciting story. I like the way you describe your humiliation by another man and that you knew all of your friends and girlfriend knew about your teenie weenie and ridiculed you also.

now thats to hot I would have loved that to happen to me. i have been laughed at and have heard other real men in the locker laugh at my lil sisi stick. Course I dont get hard anymore it's been years. I do dribble a little for my relief but only rub off as I am unable to actually jack my sisi ****. I do love the comparrision to real men it gets me going take care..<br />
sisicuck....BBC rules

What a fantastic experience! How I long for the day something like that will happen to me (again). I would have *** on the spot when he did the comparison and took the photos. I had a similar experience, (and I did *** on the spot) but it was when I was at school. Check out my story of my first SPH experience.<br />
<br />
You are very luck!

Oh damn that would be so exciting to experience. I've definitely had lots of people see me naked at the gym and lots of those guys have been much bigger, but I've never gotten more than a smirk in response. That kind of humiliation would make me *** so hard.