I'm having trouble finding were I belong. I feel lost and trapped, like I don't know where i'm going in life. I want to follow what god has planned for me but i don't know how. I pray and i cry myself to sleep every night hoping someone is listening but i'm still left here shattered, hurt and alone. I find myself questioning my existence, of why would god put someone like me on this earth. I feel like such a failure, i feel like i'm letting everyone down. I had a friend on here who killed herself this june and i keep thinking if she couldn't do it and my favorite actor Robin Williams couldn't stay here either what does that say about me? I feel like i'm going no where. I don't see a future. I'm so tired of trying so hard to make something of myself and to be the best person i can be but i just end up disappointing myself. I feel so depressed..... I have so many feelings constantly going through my head i just can't take it anymore. Nobody cares, Nobody listens! I want to be a better christian and show god how much i love him and how much i believe but i feel so ashamed and i feel like he has better things to do then listen to my cries.

18-21, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Hows everything going with your walk with God and bettering your faith?