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I have a husband who refuses to help.....gets irritated when I ask him to do anything, even when my car broke down with my son....I don't know what to do, I have confronted him several times and am lost....Can anyone help me with this? This is my first marriage and I hope my last.
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If your husband does not care about your and gets angry and wont seek help, GET OUT! Life is TOOO short to be unhappy...I know. I stayed in two marriages that should have never happened....and I ended up losing...<br />
I am alone now and dont trust many people....and am alone. (The old saying nice guys finish last is true!! and most women want the bad boys, not the nice guy...yet they end up getting hit on and beaten and too late realize the nice guy was the one they should have chosen).....<br />
GET OUT if you are unhappy..........please for your sake AND your child's sake...I wish I had a wife and child to worry about...

Not everyone is born with the knowledge of how to be married. If he had a bad example from his parents, he probably just needs either some counseling or maybe go to a bookstore and find something like a workbook that you can do together that explains what is expected of him. Hopefully he just needs to see it in print or hear it from someone other than you to get through to him.