Get Out of My Sunshine!!!

Sunshine is a necessity for me. When the winter months roll around and the days start getting shorter, I can feel it instantly. It is as if a little switch in my brain gets flipped when my sunshine dosage decreases. I need my sunshine to be happy. I need to make my Vitamin D.

If I ever find myself living in an area without 300 days of sunshine I may need to invest in a happy lamp. Why? Because I get slightly depressed without my sunshine. Thankfully my office has a window where I can enjoy the sunshine all day long. However in the early morning hours people in the parking lot cast shadows on my wall. They are disrupting my sunshine. This event is disasterous! How could they disrupt my sunshine? Hehe.

Well, Hooray for sunshine!!!

Mello Mello 26-30, F 2 Responses May 5, 2008

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Ooooh.... but then their decaying corpses will block my sunshine.... Because they will most likely pass on while standing... and somehow gravity will not affect them due to the voltage....

Perhaps I'll just have to be tolerant. :P

lol around here we've had so much sunshine we're actually praying for clouds and the rain that comes with it... :)