Cant Do It On My Own

I found out during the summer when I had a walking buddy I lost allot of weight but when I try to do it on my own...the inspiration isn't there. I also found the buddy doesn't have to be seen in person. I had a friend who wanted to loose weight and we imed and emailed back and forth whenever we felt as if we were going to binge eat or just sit around and do nothing. This helped allot. When I tried doing it alone...Id start out great...but in a day or two I'd stop the routine and have some donuts and kept on saying...oh I failed today I'll do it tomorrow. Let me tell you...tomorrow never comes.

ladyhex3 ladyhex3
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3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Its all in your mind!

I know...but how does one change their mind?

think faster! ...faster cars need more gas!

Thank you! I now started a training program on my Wii Fit Plus. It's amazing how motivated one can get seeing a Mii that is huge and watching it lose weight.

i no how you feel : / <br />
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It takes time, but if you really want something bad enough, you wilol do it. And put those donuts down! :)