My Experience With Invisible Children

 At my school they showed the invisible children video last year , i help sell tickets. I was expecting it to be slightly sad , but nothing you wouldn't see on the travel channel. How wrong i was , this video left everyone in the audience speechless . We continued to show are support by arranging more meetings and rallies . Many foreign exchange students from our school spoke to us. Our classmates told us of how it effected their lives , even though they had not been directly effected by it , they had their fair share of horror stories to tell. They told us their brother and sisters in Uganda and Congo were being massacred , and that they were our brother and sisters too . We continue to show them are support and invited them back , today actually . I watched the movie about Joseph Kony's child soldiers in my chemistry class, i was moved , if not even more so then first time with these stories. It will always remain something that i think about and hopefully one day will come to an end with my support and the support of many many others.

greenpalm greenpalm
Feb 19, 2009