I Miss My Recruit..

I know, it says Marine, but my boyfriend just left to bootcamp this monday and Im devastated. I feel sad and lonely :(. I havent received a letter, and I understand its still too early, but I hope he gets to write soon. We've been apart a couple of times before, sometimes whole months with out talking, but our feelings for each other never changed. I guess thats what makes me so sure that were gonna get through this, but still, I miss him and i wish he would write already. They say to write to him as much as possible, so ive been writting since the day he left. I hope he doesnt get in trouble or teased for the amount of letters I've already written him....

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Hey!<br />
So I'm in the same boat as you. I got my first letter a few days ago. I didn't get the first letter until his 3rd week in. I know it's tough, but when you do get that letter it's one of the most amazing feelings in the world.<br />
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I hope you get your letter soon.

My boyfriend leaves for basic training tomorrow. It hasn't really hit me until today. We've been together for almost 4 years. This is goin to be very hard for me considering we've been living together for over 2 years now. I'm planning to write him everyday and maybe even twice a day. I'm trying to be strong and if anyone has any advice for me let me know! Any input would be awesome.

my boyfriend has been gone for almost two months. i feel lost. i write him every single day since he has left. if i didnt care about him so much i would give up. this is one of the hardest things to ever go through. none of my friends understand. i've gotten really close with his family since he has been gone but nothing can help the pain and hurt of him not being here. i've never been in a long distance relationship and i'm really scared to see how it works out. can anyone explain to me what to expect. he graduates at the end of october. i'm going with his family to see him. i've been thinking of how weird it will be when i finally get his kiss that i've been longing for. has anyone gone through this? like what do i expect when i see him? will he be the same guy i fell in love with?

I know how u feel my boyfriend been gone one month at parris island it's so hard but u gotta b strong for him and when u get that first letter u gonna b the happiest person in the world o love recieveing letters from my man and he loves all the letters and cards I sent him he sat they help him stay motivated and my man wasn't even gone a week And I had ten letters for him u r doing the right thing and don't let nobody tell u different

Well my boyfriend leaves the tomorrow morning. I really am not going to be handling it well. i am still in high school and i really going to have it bad going through this all. Could you all please help me give me ideas on ways to hang in there!

Well my boyfriend leaves the tomorrow morning. I really am not going to be handling it well. i am still in high school and i really going to have it bad going through this all. Could you all please help me give me ideas on ways to hang in there!

Hi im Audrey! I am in the exact same situation as you! My boyfriend left August 2nd for boot camp so its been nine days! i write to him everyday too! I was really worried that he would get made fun of also when i send all my letters at once when i finally get his whole address! Its good to know that he wont! I feel better now :)<br />
I think we will all get through this even though it is really hard right now.<br />
~semper fi~

hey! im jessica my boyfriend left for boot camp june 28 of this year (3 days after our hs grad) and let me tell you its not easy. i ran to the mail box every day! and i got a letter 2 weeks letter. write your man as much as you can cause its not about you its about him it takes a while for them to write you back cause they dont have much time!! i send letter like everyday too just keep your head up i was really depressed when he left cause we have been together for 4 yrs high school sweethearts but it goes by fast its been more than a month already! stay strong if u want message me for fb and **** im looking for people to talk to cause no one else understands

hey janna, im gaby lol im new here so i dont know how to send a msg. I just got back from Camp Pendleton after attending my lilttle sisters devil pup graduation. I tried soooooooo hard to look for him, like seriously, we were driving around hoping I would get a glimpse of him, even though we werent successful, i tried. :'/ I hope i get letters soon though, i really need them :( thank you and mega10 so much for taking time to reply to me, I feel like im not getting support from anyone, especially my family :/ it sucks, but i love him.

no worrys! hes gonna do great! he made a good choice to serve our country! he wont get teased. he stay strong and firm!

ha! girl, I write my guy everyday sometimes twice a day. he won't get teased! if anything, he'll be the one teasing the other guys that they're girls don't love them as much as you do! yer doing the right thing, write him as much as you can. yer letters will be his motivation. and he should be able to write in about 2 weeks. so, in about 3 weeks, you should start getting letters in (: it really won't be that bad once you start getting letters. just stay strong, and keep yerself busy and you'll do GREAT!<br />
if you need anything, you can message me.<br />
my name is Janna, btw lol.