Tomorrow my boyfriend figures out when he leaves...and this could be any day and really scared to figure out when he leaves bc this means that im going to count down the days until the night im dreadin comes along...what do i do while he is away?
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

My boyfriend told me just the other days that he could be able to leave the next day i was freaking out!But thank goodness his mom wouldnt let him! Leaves in 2 weeks though for bootcamp, which im super nervous about :(<br />
Talk to alot of other girlfriends online :) and get support from family/friends.<br />
Start a hobbie or something you like to do, get a job, stay busy. The last think you want to do is being alone all the time swimming in your sad thoughts of remembering him. <br />
Im here for support, message me if you want! :)

Hey girl, my fiance has been in boot for a month and a half. The time flys by! I didn't believe people when they told me that, but it really does! Girl, all I can tell you is to keep yourself busy! FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS= what you're going to need! If you need someone to talk to, I'm here (:<br />