Those 3 Words.

No...not I love you. "I MISS YOU" For any of you girls who have your man miles and miles away, I think we all know how precious those three words have become. In any other relationship, "I love you" is what every girl longs to hear her loved one say, but I know that every time he tells me how much he misses me, I get the same feeling in the pit of my stomach. "I miss you"---they miss our touch, our kiss, our laughs, how we care for them, gazing into our eyes and anything and everything else that we share with them. Lets face it, we are not in the most normal kind of relationship and we've set ourselves up for a lot of lonely days without the one guy who makes our hearts skip a beat. However, we deal with it and we cherish every word on that page when we open it in the mail. So next time he tells you how much he misses you, just know that "I love you" is implied in that message, just like everything else you two share together. And even if those "I love you's" have not been said yet--sweetie I think we both know that the distance between you two and all of the loyalty and trust it took for him to leave you at home so vulnerable--well that only means one thing! LOVE. 
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I love everything you said, it's so true. <br />
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Semper Fidelis <3

I'm 16 and I haven't even met him yet. We met through Facebook and he deploys June 15 and it sucks. It's hard to to stay with someone who you STILL have not met!! So idk whether to break up with him or not ://

Wow, I really like how you put that, and I agree with everyone else it's the truth and it made me smile and think of everytime he says I miss you how it makes me feel and just automatically knowing he loves me. So thank you for posting this; it made my day so much better thinking of it this way!

I completely agree with you on this. Thanks for posting it. And.. it's all the truth. :)

:) its true!! I know a lot of people dont understand our situation-so I know it feels good to hear it from the few who do

I totally agree. When I got my boyfriends first letter, it was those words which made me cry. Not I love you, but I miss you. It made me extremely happy that he remmembered me. He's on week four now. Cant wait to see him graduate.