Hes So Far Away

Hey guys I just joined this site recently looking for some people who understand what I'm going through with my boyfriend in Afganistan. He just left at the end of last month and I already miss him so much! It feels as if hes been gone for like 3 months already and I just want him to be home. We've been dating officially for 6 months but have been together for over three years now :) he is an amazing guy Its hard but I just try to keep myself busy to avoid missing him so much. I worry about him constantly though and my hearts starts to pound when any body mentions anything about Afganistan! I havent gotten a letter yet and I dont know if hes gotten any of mine. I write him every day and cant wait till he can finally come home. Seven months is just to long to not have him here with me.....Any body in the sme boat??
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2011

Ok will do :) I could use someone to talk to thats for sure...you can never have enough support! Hmm the certificate things a good idea...and yes he would love that indeed!

My husband's not in Afghan, but he's a Marine. I haven't been thru a deployment but I've done tons of training stuff where I can't talk to him, and dealt with things where his life's been in danger. We've been married 3 years this coming December and have only lived with each other for 12 months out of that whole time. So the part I understand the most is being away from him. It sucks, but you can do it! Like you said, keep yourself busy, hang out with friends, family, his family too. Get some type of certificate or something, like a 6 month course to show him what you accomplished while he was away. Maybe massage therapy! He would love that when he comes home!