Staying Positive!

So tomorrow is my Marine's and I's four months and the day after he leaves for the month long field op somewhere in the middle of no where. They almost had to pick up and leave today but thank God that isn't gonna happen. Tonight is his field day;; which is all about cleaning. So less talking but it's all good. Haha. When he told me last night that he was possibly leaving today I took it wayy better than him and than he thought I would. He was all pouting and getting mad and here I was being like well it is what it is and kept a smile on my face because I knew it was all going to turn out fine and in the end I think that seeing me be alright with it make him loosen up about it. I just reminded him that after this field op he's going to be in Michigan seeing me on thanksgiving and he smiled. Of course I made a sex comment and he smiled at that too. Don't they all? Haha. As these days keep passing I keep reminding myself of things I need to do before he gets in. Soon I'm going to have to write down a list of things I need to do! I also want to do some cute personal things with him while he's in. Any suggestions? Ladies;; Keep your head up and keep smiling no matter how hard it is. It'll reassure your man. Semper Fi!
mudge12 mudge12
18-21, F
Oct 6, 2011