Our First Deployment

In May, my boyfriend is going to Afghanistan till approximately this time next year. This is his first deployment, therefore it is my first deployment as well. He called last night to tell me, but I already knew. He texted yesterday saying, "We need to talk", I naturally got freaked out and asked what about, he said "dont worry we are fine, im actually really happy". So I knew that it was deployment. He extended just to go. Im so proud of him and his brave choices but as with anyone I fear for the worst. He is coming home for Christmas so I'll see him in 18 days, but my heart is hurting for what will be here before I blink. :'( I want to squeeze him right now! Part of me wishes he had waited till he was home to tell me so I could hold him. Im thankful that he is safe for now, I just can't think of anything else. Any girlfriends or wives have any tips or advice. Like since im not married to him, can I come see him off and how do I find out all the information like how to reach him, or things like that? Obviously he will tell me everything he knows and is allowed to tell me but anyone who has gone thru this who has anything to add, I would appreciate it very much! I feel like a nervous wreck and he is still in the states. :'( Thanks ladies!
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My marine is being deployed in October next year and it will also be his, and therefore my first deployment. I'm not married to mine either, but we're planning on being engaged in the New Year. It breaks my heart knowing that his deployment is imminent, and even though I want to treasure the time we have together now, it's constantly on my mind so I know how you feel. But I just have to accept that he is going and there's nothing I can do about it. <br />
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I'll be interested to know what is the protocol for a girlfriend/fiancee rather than a wife.

You can go see him off! My boyfriend just left yesterday and me and his parents and sister all went together. IF you are allowed to send him things and know where he is he can give you that information. Dont be too nervous just yet you have got time, cherish it. Its hard but if you love him then it is totally worth it all.