Cruddy Service At 29 Palms

My love is at Twentynine Palms for predeployment training even though they dont know if he is deploying yet. I am becoming very anxious about that. I want to know and not be stuck in this limbo of emotions; "yay he isnt going, oh no he is, back to yay again". Its frustrating! What is MORE frustrating is that I can't talk to him like I did when he was at Lejeune. I miss the HECK out of him. My days are DRAGGING by and I have gotten like five texts since he got there late on Wednesday. I hate this. Not knowing how his day is, or talking to him before I fall asleep. I havent woken up to a sweet good morning text from him and it REALLY affects my attitude for the day. On the flipside, each text feels like a HUGE gift from God and I am SO thankful to have even the littlest bit of communication. I know he is safe and that is what matters. I just wish I could train my brain to NOT search for the nearest clock and COUNT how many hours it's been since I've heard from him. I check my phone without even meaning to and it drives me insane! C'mon brain - knock it off!!!!!

Hope you gals are staying strong!

Semper Fi!
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my boo is at 29 palms for predeploymet too :(

Ohhh my husband station is 29 palms, I'm moving there once he gets back from deployment. You just got to remember, 29 palms is the biggest marine corps ba<x>se in the world. 98% of it is pure desert they use to train marines and get them adapted the the weather cause it's similar to that of Afghan. Reception totally sucks whenever they go out and train there. :/ It sucks I know! But just try and rest assure that's he's safe on american soil. :) I totally had that whole deploying not deploying game for so long until he deployed. It totally just sucks! It's a total hurry and wait for us. :/ I was always checking my phone when he was out training, try messaging on Facebook or Skype, it's easier for them to get Wifi connection then it is for them to get a cell phone signal. It'll be ok though girl, training will be over soon and he'll get full communication once he's back in the civilized part of the ba<x>se. I always wanted to turn my brain off, I think it's pretty much impossible though. Just try and be positive, easier said then done I know. Try and turn it into it's been so long since I last talked to him to it's been this long so I must get some sort of communication soon! Haha It's like a mind trick I've done and it helps me sometimes, not all the time though! >;(

The downside is at&t has a deal with the ba<x>se to block signal so they have to wander if they have Verizon. But plus side is whenever they aren't in the field if they have a wifi phone they can text or Skype with wifi. Hang in there it sucks I hope your marine has the shorter training

I hear ya girl...this sucks:(