Staying Strong During Deployment

Hey everyone.
I just launched a new facebook support page for all military s/o's who are currently seperated from their loved one. Bootcamp, training, school, deployment..or whatever you are going throught, isn't easy, but lets stay strong together and help eachother out. We all tend to go through similar problems when being in a military relationship. :) check out the page at: THANKS :)

I'm also looking for a couple admins to add to the page! come and support other s/o's
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1 Response Jun 21, 2012

Boot camp, deployment and anytime your soldier, sailor Marine or Flyboy is gone is hard, very hard.<br />
Do not be afraid to tell others how you fell about the separation, it is a natural thing to have strong feelings during these times.<br />
I am a Vietnam Era Veteran but did not go to 'Nam, I went to Alaska instead, fought the cold war up there and lost it too... It is still cold up there...<br />
Remember you have a lot of company with your feelings and do not hesitate to call someone, send them a message or cry when you need to.<br />
Somebody a lot smarter than I am said this, "The only thing harder than being a soldier, is loving one."<br />
It is a true statement and my heart goes out to all of you.<br />
They will return to you, but you will not recognize them, that much I guarantee. <br />
And should the most horrible thing happen, you have the utmost respect of millions of Americans, hundreds of millions and billions of people across the globe that are supporting our missions to rid the world of those that would do us harm.<br />
Thanks to all of you<br />