Have Any Of You...

...seen that new movie dear john? i really want to see it but i don't think i can handle watching it right now while David's gone. he's been gone for over a month now and it's not getting easier, but for some reason i still really want to see this movie. i was thinking about waiting for David to get back so i could watch it with him, but i'm kind of impatient and have been trying very hard not to watch it. i'm kind of scared that if i do end up watching dear john before David gets back, i'm going to end up being even more of an emotional wreck until then. have any of you seen it? do you think i should just wait to watch it? is it even worth watching?

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

me and a few girls went to go see it last night and i didnt know if i could do it or not but i did. and i cried a little in the movies but then when i got home i couldnt go to sleep cause my mind was just racing. but i got lucky enough to get a phone call at like 11 that night so Zack clamed me down and talked as long as he could and it was better then.

omg i hate when people are loud at the theater...i guess that's why i watch most of my movies online lol but i can't find dear john for free and without having to take any surveys. i think if it wasn't for that i would have seen the movie already, but maybe i should take it as a sign to wait for david to get back to watch it.

I saw it, the movie could've been better, but it was still the first movie i've cried at in a theatre. ha. <br />
My boyfriends at boot camp right now, and the movie made me realize how hard it is going to be when I have to say goodbye to him again after he gets back..