Hello Ladys.

Hey yall. well i have been with my marine boyfriend  going on 2 years. he's leaving for afghanistan in 2 months. and i am trying to prepare myself now but im not really sure how. i havent seen him in a year already i mean i get to talk to him but there is nothing like looking into his eyes or feeling his arms around me. but anyways i just know i am not going to get through this alone. im going to need serious help.

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hey girl..my man just left for his first deplyment..so we'll b goin thru the same thing..lol..<br />
i miss him soo much alredy..he just left the 19th..<br />
alright girly if you need anythn font hesitate to message me..tak care..<br />

I'm dealing with the same thing!! it sucks! i'm here if you want to go through it together =]

i just realized i commented on your story in another group and basically said the same thing lol sorry. i tend to do that. but either way feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to

i know its never easy knowing that your bf is going to be leaving, my marine has been in africa for almost 2 months now and he originally was supposed to leave in may but ended up leaving months earlier. all i can say is spend as much time with him as possible and cherish every moment you have with him because you never know if he's going to get deployed sooner then originally planned. deployments suck and its always nice to know that you have people who understand to talk to. feel free to message me if you ever need someone to talk to.