Support For A New Army Girlfriend(:

Hey ladies. Im haley(: Im 16. My boyfriend Nolan and i started offically dating on New Years and the next day he left back to AIT. So that night i started writing. (: I am now on day 15 with him gone. He graduates April 1st and will be home on leave a couple of days after that. For two weeks and then he is deployed most likely overseas. Since he is at AIT he is able to call me every night before lights out. People tell me that i am crazy for being with someone that i am never going to see. I say that i am lucky to experiance love based on different aspects. I am crazyy about him. If anyone has any advice on things to do while he is away to keep me busy that would be great.
<3 Haley
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2011

Hey girl,<br />
I met my boyfriend online. I have never even met him in person. He is over in Iraq and he is the love of my life. People think it is crazy to do the long distance thing but you can't help who you develop feelings for. I get to meet him for the first time a couple months from now. You just have to stay strong and know that everyday you are apart is a day closer to you being together again. :) I am in college and I usually keep myself busy with homework, work, classes, working out, and hanging out with friends. The more that you fill your day up the faster the days go and the easier it seems! :)

Hey I don't get on here much but there's a support group on fb if you'd like to join (: <br />
it's helpful and I can introduce you to more. But the one I'm in for me is like the best support group, girls are on everyday who could help you through this, it's helped me and I'm in month 6 of not seeing my soldier ): If you want to join lemme know (: Goodluck.<br />
Plus we get on fb more then this site, and you have support everyday if you need it.