Only A Month And Half Has Passed.......

My boyfriend, Chris, has been gone for only a month and half, and this is my first deployment so I am new to the whole thing. My family is great because they help me get out of the house and do things but its still hard sometimes especially since I want to just be with him. Right now he has been in Texas and will be heading out to Afghanistan soon, and luckily I have been able to talk to him every day but I feel like its going to be even harder when he does leave because I won't be able to hear his voice every night. It hasn't been that hard yet, but I really think that is because I know he is still in the country and once he goes over it will become harder to deal with. I have to grasp the whole idea of his actually leaving, even though I saw his plane take off and was at the ceremony it still feels like he will come home in the next month even though he won't be back until next April. I spent our one year anniversary without him, but he did send me a beautiful arrangement of roses that morning, and we are hoping that he will be back for our two year. I miss him so much, and I just want him to be safe and nothing happen. I do believe the hardest thing for myself to deal with is the communication. The fact I won't be able to talk to him every day just kills me. We have been long distance since our relationship began and we have talked every day since, and just the thought I won't be able to hear his voice doesn't calm me about this deployment. For now I am busy with plans about next summer! Chris is thinking about moving down where I live for the summer and we are talking about getting a place together, and going on vacation. I have things to look forward to which is good, and we have talked about getting engaged but not right when he gets back, we both feel that we need to live with one another first. I love him so much and I am glad that I have things to look forward to but I feel like time will not speed up until I go back to school in the fall and have that and work preoccupying my time.
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mine has only been gone a month if you ever wanna talk just message me :)

ps when my bf was in afghanistan i wasnt with him but he told me he was able to call like atleast once a week even sometimes once a day so i wouldnt worry! mines overseas and communication is good so far but hes leaving for another place now where he cant talk as much but the sooner he leaves the sooner he comes back just keep thinking that it helps me