Need Help On Work Related To Blind Person Guidance System

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  I am M.Tech. student of IIT,kharagpur,India.I am working on a work for giving vision guidance to blind person.I have read literature on this field and based on that I have prepared a summary that i written below.I have some queries that is there in the attached document.If possible try to answer it.
I want to work for giving guidance to blind person in vision.There is a news on "The Telegraph 14th may ,2012,"knowhow article"" which tells that "Scientists have come up with a self-powered artificial retina that may help restore sight in blind, says T.V. Jayan",I am sharing the link-->"".This work is under development and this work  benefit those who have become blind because of retinal degenerative diseases such as age-related macular degeneration — a leading cause of blindness among people who are 55 years or above — or retinitis pigmentosa, a type of inherited blindness, which is particularly common in tropical countries.

Reagarding other appoaches there are two main ways to guide blind person,one is wayfinding(i.e. navigation system based on GPS,helps to give direction guidance towards destination also tells about current location,points of interest,example is DRISTI) and other way is obstacle avoidance(like guide dog,cane,our term project).Except guide dog,cane none of the systems receive support from blind person community due to high price,not covering all features.Different systems has been  developing offering different features.

I need some people/support such that I can go ahead.Can you help me?

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I mean to say that blind person vision guidance system(a system which helps blind to walk) is not so developed.I want to work on developing this system.I need some support to go ahead.Can you help me?

Not sure what kind of help you are requesting. You haven't made it clear in the body of your story.