I Just Don't Know

This past year has been crazy, I've been blessed so much, well my mom has, so I guess that means I have too, my mom is engaged to rich guy, I found god, I started doing what he said I want him to be the center of my life and that's so much harder than it sounds, my girlfriend is trying to as well, but it's so hard for us when all we can do is think about sex and stuff. I'm having trouble with drugs, I have an extremely addictive personality so it doesn't matter to much what it is, I'll always have trouble with that but I'm struggling so much with drugs and sex and **** and today I was so pissed off for no reason and I just wanted to kill myself and my mom and I got into a fight and I ended up burning myself and cutting myself because I was mad and it helped me calm down. I'm just so stressed, this isn't what I thought of happening when I got saved but maybe it'll make sense one day.
gaaabriel gaaabriel
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Jesus loves you :)