I Want To Be In Love

Even though I am married, my life seems unfulfilled and am trapped by a document only. I feel that I'm a vibrant, social person that is stuck with a husband that has been uncaring and cruel for the majority of our relationship. Due to the economy, my employment was terminated and finding a job to escape this existence seems impossible. The housing market contributes to my dependence financially on him as we could never sell and see any profit worth the split.
He constantly reminds me that a divorce would be bitter and we wouldn't make it apart because I can't support myself. At the same time, he belittles me verbally and I spend all my waking hours to separate from this debasing of my character. I'm naturally shy and try to be a good person otherwise, but am tiring after all these years. Please let me know I'm not the only one that expects my husband to be my best friend (which will never happen)
Lifestooshort57 Lifestooshort57
56-60, F
Dec 3, 2012