I Can't Let It Go

My father had fourth stage cancer and there was nothing they could do .. Doctors asked if he wanted to do the med thing and be sick longer or to enjoy life for a very short time .. He chose the non med way .. so my younger brother quit his job moved in and for six months took care of him.. Every other weekend i would drive the two and a.half hrs and clean do laundry dishes blah ,,, and try to make every one laugh .. my father and i minded our ways after seventeen yrs.. Christmas eve i was visiting as usual and my brother and i were having a talk ... going out side to talk i stopped in his room to check in on him and as usual
he was half his normal size dead but breathing . i took the eye dropper of morphine and gave him knowingly way too much ... we went out and came back in ten minutes later and he was dead 12:03 Christmas morning .... i had killed my father for the him and for the sanity of all who was dealing with it on a daily bases ... But seven years later .... i still fill as if i am a killer and got away with it .... on Christmas day ....
DRM1986 DRM1986
Dec 16, 2012