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This all is really too complicated. First I fell in love with this guy who says he is just my friend. We're really close I can't drift apart though I tried to, maybe not well enough. Than I got really sad my friends started to drift apart from me. Than I was like, OK, so I won't talk to you about anything anymore since you don't like the sad me. And I felt good being just on my own for a while. But than they all started to come back saying why don't you talk to us, why won't you trust us? This guy keeps behaving weirdly though he denies it when I confront him says I'm living my fantasies. My friends go all hating me for the fact that I stopped trusting them. I have no idea what's going on but I'm really fed up alone and have no idea what to do. and they all say it's your business now.
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I don't think it's always quite as easy as kick people out of your life if they give you grief. Some friendships are toxic and they only hurt you and that is something you have to decide for yourself, if you're not getting anything out of it, if you keep giving and they only take then it might be wise.

But it sounds to me like maybe your friends felt genuinely hurt that you stopped trusting them. Sometimes it's hard to be there for people who have difficult lives, are depressed or have other chronic issues. It's only human to have a lapse in judgement and just want a person to get over it sometimes. It doesn't make it okay and if someone honesty only likes you when you're happy than they aren't very good friends.

I hope you'll be okay though, it really sucks to fall out with your friends and I know what it feels like to feel like people only want to be there for the good times.

Hey, thank you for this. Mum keeps saying it's nothing to be upset about, it's good to hear that this is, indeed, not easy. It's been a while since the post, and I made few attempts to make up with the friends, but very next day after I'd apologize my *** out I'd get screamed at or blamed for not paying much attention to their issues etc. I realize I just can't, at least not now, be what they want me to be - do everything right, you know, be nice and fun to be around. Now they're whispering things about me behind my back, engage in conflicts whatever I do etc saying I'm just too good to be with them, they're not good enough for me to pay attention. I don't think I know how to convince them otherwise, so I just stopped even looking at them.(we study together so I see them every day)
As for the guy, nothing has changed except for the fact that we've engaged in some bad fights I'm not proud of too. But the thing is, at least I knew how to make up. And now hopefully I won't ever make the same mistake again. He's been a great friend to me in this whole situation and I think I can move on from this romantic interest and get on with my life just for the sake of this friendship

If they are causing this much turmoil in your life, give em the boot. It's not worth it. Unless you can identify something that you did to cause the dischord, it's not in your control. You want friends who celebrate you, not tolerate you.

choose your friends wisely..n dont loose dem ever..