does anyone know of a good support group for people who because of past traumas is struggling with sexuality, or for people who have been in abusive relationships? I have found a lot of support here, but I'm trying to find a safe place to talk about this hard stuff in person with a mediator who can guide the conversation. I'm a little lost on where to begin, thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.
sevenforasecret sevenforasecret
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1 Response Aug 26, 2014

I saw your response to a story in the I Live In A Sexless Marriage group, of which I am a member. I looked at a few of your stories and noticed that nobody had replied to this one. Unfortunately, I don't know where you could find a support group, but I do have some ideas. Are you in some sort of therapy? I read that you have issues with anxiety and depression. Perhaps whoever is treating you for those would know of a local support group, or at least know where to look into it further in your area.