the lord made me aware of his presence in my life.all my life I've had prophetic dreams so i read all i could on dreams early in my life.your wants or fears are a big part of them,but in my dreams the things i saw came true.births,deaths and reasons for peoples 2000 the lord spoke to me after i tried to end my life.when i say spoke it is by pictures,pictures that explain everything,pictures that make me aware of God's will.what flashed through my mind was my whole life,the things i saw and/or i begged God to take me when i was young because of abuse and the i lost faith because he didn't take me and the abuse kept coming.then how and why the Lord made me EXPERIENCE life the way i did and what he wanted me to do because of my life's book is called is only 49 pgs.i didn't write it to make money,if i did it would of been longer.i took a lot out because it was too deep.i want to know how can i put my book on-line for all to read for free.that is what God wants,me to put out there what is in my heart and,love everyone especially your enemies.when you look at someone look with love and understanding not that inherent  prejudice or racism.looking past their ethnicity,religion,looks and attitudes.look with care and empathy,understanding and patience.

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i'm not good on computers,if i was my book would be is available on book sites.AWARE by barry d.or my screen name at i'm allowed to say this

Im interested love to read it seriously...<br />
plz let me knw when i can... <br />
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that seems as an incredible experience of urz.. thnx for sharing.