I feel lost with no direction
Like a map with no roads
Like thunder without lighting
Like a bird without its wings....

My dreams are taken away
Billowing in the wind
Just out of reach
Thrown to the ground...

I've been used my whole life
Stomped on
Worked like a dog
Left behind....

I've tolerated the abuse
Brain trauma
Broken bones
Bruised inside and out....

I know no love
Everyone leaves
I'm not enough
Not enough to satisfy....

I have no friends
Only Ana and Mia
They always whisper to me
I have to be perfect

I'm lost.... My dreams have been long gone... I was born to be used...that's all.... I've been abused... Never known love.... Never had a friend that stays... I'm not perfect.... But I'm striving to be. Someday, somehow, I will find direction, I will dream new dreams, I will not allow myself to be used, I will not allow myself to be abused, I will know love, someone will stay, and I WILL BE PERFECT. Just not in society's terms.... I will be the most perfect me i can be. That is my dream, the only one left to dream...
AlyShine AlyShine
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

you are right there is only one life to dream but you must also deek it out to find that dream