Comedic Genius George Carlin On Time

"Who has the time?" "Do you have the time?"
"What do you mean? Now or when you asked me?..."

Time? "I think the Navy has it" ~ Carlin
Azara Azara
31-35, F
1 Response May 17, 2012

Carlin, one the greatest social comics of all time. While not all were comedians, predecessors, Jack Kurack, [pardon the spelling] Ernie Cofax, Steve Allen, Lenny Bruce- being deemed "controversial" for their time- all were equally splendid. Each projecting an up front reality of life and human infractions that many just simply refused to accept...rather than face the truth. You Tube is full of Carlin philosophy and performance that bluntly portray the darker and obscure side of least as what some of those accept it as. Check out Carlin's Baseball vs football piece. Much deeper thoughts, all of which are dead-on, may enlighten or at least provoke some hysterical perspectives.