I Will Servive.

My name is jacki,
  I am Morbidly obese w/ co-morbidity's. I wasn't always obese in fact i weighed 145 lbs at my smallest in my teen and young adult years. I didn't start putting the weight until I hit my mid 30's. I don't know what happened, it just snuck up n me, by the time I was 200lbs I swore I would'nt hit 250, then 250 came around, I still didn't believe I would hit 300lbs. Now at 344lbs I cant hit 400 because I know I will die. I cant walk or move enough to get the exercise that I need to do to prevent gaining anymore weight and my health is failing to the point that if I don't do something now I WILL DIE! That is just not an option for me. I have a 17 yr old son that is disabled and he has no one else but me to depend on. He is all I have to live for. The only avenue left to me is Gastric bypass surgery.  Living with morbid obesity is extremely effortful, potentially fatal and, for many people, unnecessary.Bariatric surgery provides a chance to start over in life. As you lose weight, you gain health, energy, self-esteem and a sense of control. You become the person you always wanted to be. You learn to love yourself. I so want to be that person again. Please visit my page and help as much as you can by clicking onto the link below and read my story. Then Please, tell all your friends and family and have them tell their friend s and family and together you will help me in more ways then you will know. YOU WILL SAVE MY LIFE! Thank you, and as my as my favorite song goes..."MY WISH FOR YOU, IS THAT LIFE BECOMES ALL THAT YOU WANT IT TO, YOUR DREAMS STAY BIG, YOUR WORRIES STAY SMALL, YOU NEVER HAVE TO CARRY MORE THEN YOU CAN HOLD. God bless you !        http://funds.gofundme.com/neww 


starshine64 starshine64
46-50, F
Sep 15, 2010