Since I was a kid I liked to be alone in my room reading or watching tv.  Even on Saturdays when my parents went shopping I use to stay at home.  Even now I like and I need to be alone for some hours I can't imagine being with my partner 24/7.  I usually say that we are together because we are not with each other for extended periods. It may sound strange for a person who does not like to be alone and that thing that having a relationship is being together 24/7.  Loners understand that we need space to breathe to be with oneself and to recharge batteries.

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Thank you for your comment. I always liked solitude just to be by myself where no one disturb me. I liked to draw maps and houses. Alone I was in my own world where I could control my destiny where I could fantasize about how my future would be and to, don't say this to anyone, talk with myself.

omg don't i relate. I grew up an only child and was quite imaginative. The house we grew up in was a duplex. I lived upstairs and my parent's downstairs. I enjoyed being able to get away although I had a lot of nightmares about ghosts and spirits. Frankly I don't mind ghost and spirits anymore... I let them do what they would normally do and try my best to act j/k I no longer see them but I sense them. I often feel in my home watched, passed by or noticed. I normally notice this when I have an opportunity to be alone.<br />
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I have found myself in life needing the alone time. I have come to the conclusion that I don't feel comfortable enough when in the presence of others to really write, exist or be the me that I desire to be. People always need/want something. I don't always know when to stop giving. <br />
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Ok thats enough rambling....hope you have the alone time you need/want.