My girl friend wants me castraded she has a burdizzo
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Aask her lf she'd castrate me

so envious of you

Hi, if you want a life time of pain go ahead, these tools or for use on bulls they rarely work on men they will get you a visit to the ER. If you want to be castrated try a doctor or bands but you will be in the worse pain of your life for 12-18 hours then you will need to have them removed by a good cutter who knows what they are doing.

Castrating a fully grown young man with a Burdizzo is indeed possible. A friendly farmer who is experienced in using a Burdizzo would I'm sure castrate your boy friend for you. Farmers don't usually use drugs when castrating with a Burdizzo as it is a fast method of castration. Best to restrain your boyfriend with sturdy straps face downwards on a bench. This will allow clear access to his balls. A full sized Burdizzo, a No. 19 should be used as it has extra long handles and takes less effort to close no matter how strong his spermatic cords. It is a good idea to have some one pull back his balls as far as possible so the castrator can position the cords correctly between the jaws of the Burdizzo. One can indeed use an anesethic. This is best injected in equal measure into each side of his sheath as close to his anus as possible, or one could hit him on the head with a mallet.