Starved For It... But It Hurts People!

Through challenges and ultimatums, I change. I move, I become better. By whose definition of better... I don't know. Mine! Shouldn't that be enough? :)

In the realm of Life though, I am not alone, and I must understand that change will bring me to some people, and away from others.

But I have to keep moving, even though I am impatient at best. My friends say I think too fast and do not rest, do not offer others enough rest, and through this behavior... I burn people out.

I do not understand how I am doing this. I wish there was someone out there who would challenge me to a duel. So that we could see who burns whom out first.

Who thinks faster, who has the upper handle. I die a little, when I am faced with the prospect, the necessity, the requirement of slowing down.

Live fast, die young? As I age this feels less and less appealing; moreso because this death would be a death experienced alone.

Where are the people who think fast as I do?

What have they learned exactly, to absorb the lesson of slowing down...

InvertedHeadHeart InvertedHeadHeart
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

It is often har,d for those of us who work/play/feel "flat out".... we are excessive, going beyond normal "guidelines", pushing the envelope all the time. It makes it tough for others to keep up. <br />
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A lot of times, I find challenge in the "making it a challenge"... find a way to hamstring yourself enough to make it harder to win... give your partner/opponent an edge, try to keep up, then catch up, then pass them.