Do I Exist?

I've been married for 2 years and he and I have a beautiful baby girl who is turning 9 months. Ever since we found out I was pregnant the whole "Love, Honor, and Cherish" thing went out the window.  He is so selfish it's ridiculous. A recent example is when he came home for his mid deployment leave we had a reservation for this beautiful cabin for 2 nights. Instead he argued and fought because he decided he wanted to spend $600 on tattoo's. I asked him not to and brought up how much I had my heart set on the cabins so we could spend some time with just he and I, but nope, he had to have his way. He doesn't show affection, he even made himself a list to remind himself to and he doesn't.  He asks me my opinion but completely ignores it or gets mad if it differs from his. I feel like he is an acquaintance roommate whom I happen to have a child with.
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I know how you feel...I am also a military's not airman is very selfish and we have lots of problems to where being married to him has drove me to taking anxity/despression meds just so I can cope and he still manages to **** me off.