I Miss The Way We Talked, I Miss The Times We Had, I Miss The Love We Shared, But Most Of All I Miss The Way You Cared. =(

I have been married for 2 years now. We have a wonderful 1 yr old son.... I never thought being married can be this lonely. I felt unloved and not cared by my husband. He even forgot our second wedding anniversary. He didn't even greet me he was so busy with his work and doesnt care about me anymore... We don't kiss that much often... We are not that intimate anymore even sex.... We usually do it like once or twice a month... We fought everyday because I cant live to his expectations.
I don't have work because I'm a full time mom to my son. I felt alone in this marriage... We tried to talk about it but we just end up fighting... I want to be happy again... fo be loved...
sycathe sycathe
26-30, F
Mar 26, 2012