Teacher Your Children Now About Cherish and Respect

When I first saw the title I thought this would be really easy to write about it..  Then I really thought to think about it..   I know that I need to be Cherished and Respected and want it and I do have it now after looking for if for a long long time, but when I look back in my life the way I have acted or the things I had done or the things I let people do to me I most have forgot about those 2 powerful words. 

We all want to be respected and cherished but only way we can get it, is by giving it first.  Everyone deserves to be Cherished and Respected but if you are not willing to give it out you will never get the really satisfaction of either. 

One other thing... If you are mother start early teaching your children the true meanings of these words.  So when they get older and they see that they are not getting either especially respect, they will see it before its to late and get out....

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1 Response Jun 19, 2008

And when they become teenagers they will change up and could become even more selfish and disrespectful that ever before. A good parent trying to raise their kids the right way can NEVER be assured of the results of their efforts. I say to parents..don't put so much into believing that what you teach your kids will matter to them when their decision making process isn't solely guided by you. In the end YOU will be hurt and disappointed and at first blame yourself then you HAVE get over it and realize that your children are what THEY chose to be and you move on cause if you don't your life will be miserable.