I Long To Be Cherished And Respected In My Marriage

I have been married for 11 yrs and I feel as though I am the child in the relationship. I do not have a say in anything such as finances etc. I get yelled at if things arent they way he wants them. And did you know there is a "right way and a wrong way to sweep a floor" I donot get the respect I deserve from him and now my 19 yr old is starting on me. Sometimes I just wish I could run away from it all but I have no way out I am stuck without a job, without a license and with medical problems that wont let me.
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I could not imagine even THINKING of telling someone there is a right way and a wrong way to do anything - ever. That is disrespectful and sad. I feel for you. I dont thing that most husbands are like this, though I don't know, but if they are then I am embarrassed for my gender even more by this.
Believe me - there are many of us out here who would say "hey give me that broom" and shoo you off and take care of that chore. And then spend the rest of the day treating you like the special Gift of God that you are.

most husband are like that . my husband is same as yours. now a days marriage has become a game of power . and man want to be in power to boost their ego. i think real man will always have respect for woman . and the coward dont know how to respect us . they think respecting a woman will make them a little. and beside their behaviour is determined by the family they ahave been raised in. i n my case my husband has an abusive father who used to yell and scold when anything goes wrong and that i swhy my husband has also turned like his father after constant imitation. thats why the role model of parents is very important. i hate my husband for treating me with so much of disrespect. i am glad that your husband is not physically abusive like mine so thanks god for that. after all this years of going through pain i have learnt that if they need respect they have to respect their wives.i hate to say but if you are financially dependent on him then dont retialate coz he may tighten you withpocket money. talk to him softly andpamper him like a king .and when he is under your control then you can take your revenge in a sweet manner like you can make do some domestic chore and let him realize how hard does woman try to keep the house clean. in my case i have not tried it as i hate him so ssssssssssssso much there is no poin t of pampering him . as in my case i have diverted all my love and care on my two kids . i dont care what he eat , where he goes ,....i just dont care . i will never want my two kids to be like him.

Dear victim 3,

Thank you for your comment, I am so sorry for your situation. I have lived my life for him seeing to it he is happy and it hasnt gotten me anywhere except lonely I have no friends to talk to only family. You are right about him bein the way he is because of his growing up, he has had to work since he was only 14 he had to pay rent to his parent he had to work for everythin he has and I guess thats where his selfishness comes from. I hope things work out for you I am here if you need anyone to talk to. God Bless

thank u tamikens. am very glad to visit this site. because i used to think there was something wrong with me . but after visiting this site i came to know that there are many people like me . may god bring peace in everyones lives


I felt the same way before i came here I was going through some marital problems my husband had an affair 2 yrs ago and I needed some support outside of my family. I enjoy the comments they help me alot I also like to help others as well :)