I Need Love and Respect

Hello, I must say that I have an insatiable need to be cherished, loved, complimented,needed, I had a wise woman say to me that just from watching me she could tell I needed these things.  They are not a want as with some people.  I actually live in such a way that I am very easy going and funny, but inside I know its because i love the accolades.  I am constantly being told how nice and funny and awesome i am and I eat it up!  I enjoy helping others, and do love many unconditionally, however with others--yes, I expect something in return.  For instance, I could not keep a friend whom I cared about but she took so much advantage of me and I always gave and gave.  The Lord wouldnt even expect me to remain so close to that person. I have the right as a human being and loving woman to be respected and I will not settle for less from friends and family.  I am older now and have wisdom.  Period!  Thanks!!!!!!

Isabella12 Isabella12
1 Response Aug 30, 2008

I am fortunate that I am not mentally weak and that I don't need to be cherished or loved by any one else. Certain emotions give people power over you and some will use that power to control you and drain you of who you are. It's not worth it to me to get that involved.