Stuck In a Sexless Marriage

I do not consider myself old or unattractive. I am a kind loving man who really listens and cares. My wife has a debilitating disease like ruematoid arthritis. We do not have sex anymore. It's October 2007 now and I haven't had sex since April sometime, I think. I'm not even sure anymore. I swore I wouldn't just give up, but I have I suppose. I've tried to find someone else, but I feel I will ruin my family and myself. But, I cannot stand not having someone to be intimate with. I wanted a "fun" marriage that is alive and exciting. Instead I play the role of butler and roommate. My wife sometimes treats me like a child in front of my kids and I feel enraged but do little about it because I'm trying to keep my family together. There is no love, no respect, and I'm not cherished. If I could just find a woman who wants to REALLY be loved, I'd file a divorce and move on. I just haven't found anyone yet who wants to be loved by me. I'll keep waiting and hoping someday things will change.
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36-40, M
1 Response Oct 5, 2007

i am glad i am hearing it from a man . its always other way round always. hello mr. before thinking of betraying your wife place your self in he r place and think how would your feel if your wife has posted this letter. may be she is having a real problem with arthitis.have you pampered her with your love all throught this years. you man think that by proving material things and finance your job is done . have you ever helped your wife to raise your kids .? have you ever thought how she has handled them all through by her self.i am a wife and mother of two kids .my husband has given me every thing that money could buy but he never has time for me . and yah he failed to full fill my emotional needs . and slowly i lost interest in sex .i dont blame my self for that . it was him who turned me off . and his constant criticism mad e me mad. what i mean to say is may be you have failed to meet emotional needs of your wife .its not too late you can bring back that spark. shower her with love and care ......i dont mean materials one. talk to her about your problem and may be you can understand . and never think about leaving she has given you her life. and what do you think other woman will accept you . ha ha if you have money they will love and **** you and when its finished they will dump you . every action has equal and opposite reaction. so think critically before taking negative steps. negative steps will lead you to the path of suffering. if you feel like having sex then why dont you see x rated movie and masturbute .its healthy till your wif e recovers..plez do forgive me if i have hurt your sentiments