Its Time For Not Only West Tears Of Eyes But Also Its Time To Fight Back

Blood from my heart virtually bleeds when my eyes see these perversions & when I see how some innocent Muslim people are being killed mercilessly, Muslima's are gang raped by non believing people. I feel shame thinking about our Muslim international leaders. What contribution they have for our Ummah? Our leaders are only busy with this materialistic worlds comfort, making black money, enjoying sex with non believing women secretly & to get all these supply continuously they are worshiping America, UK & other non believers. Trust my words brothers & sisters, our international leaders are worse than a Hore. A Hore is also having minimum ethics, loyalty toward customer which our leaders have don't!! We must condemn our Present Muslim leaders though it's late because already the damage they have caused for Ummah it's almost unrepeatable. But before it's too late we the general people have to oak up, must have to revolt & resist. No matter how strong they are when general people get united & call for revolution Govt/so called leaders can't sustain. Trust me, it's universal fact we don't look towards history, Just couple of days back revolution brought historical victory against all evils (Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain & in many more countries). We must revolt & success will be in our right hand inshalla. Allah says in holy Quaran "He doesn't change the faith of any nation/group until they try for themselves".
Just think on this example some one is home less, have no food & security on humanatory ground U gave food, shelter & security. Once the stranger became stronger through yr love & carting, all on a sudden the stronger kicked on yr (Palaistain) *** & send U out of yr home & calmed that house belong to strangers (Israel) .
I don't think I need to explain how stronger bondage is there between Jewes & USA, in fact all the non believers. We Muslims should learn from them. Just enagine though Isreal's militery is one if the strongest but its not a taugh job fir any Arab country to capture Isreal physically. But can u imagine what will be the consuqurncs? Do U think USA, UK & theur alluance will jerp mum & will wait untill neutral decision comes from UN? No, aling with UN instantly they will jump into CRUSADE & sime of our muslim leaders will arrange all necessary suppirts for US to establush US base!! I'm not a gay even thiugh sime time I realky feel like to **** heard in our Muslim leaders ***!! What role is playing by OIC? It could be alternative power of UN but just because of the negligence of our so called Muslim leaders its useless & instead of addressing OIC it would be more appropriate if we address it like "Tiger's Den for She-Males". Let us condemn OIC along with similar origination & let us reformed newly with new sprit as circumstantial evidence indicates these organisations are only executing the tasks of non believers & indirectly they are upholding the non believers only. Let the general people rule the world once again. It's not so easy to execute but WITH THE PERMISSION OF ALLAH EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, Trust me.
What would I/U feel if these tragedy would have taken place with our family members? Would We be able to keep my patience -- no matter how stronger group/opponent has done it? I know I couldn't & I'm sure you also! Then why we are silent in this case? Muslim Ummah is a Famile & my family members are being torchered in each day from differen angel by some speasic identified groups & shamelessly I'm watching it only!! So, some times I feel do I've any right to keep a Muslim name to address me? Why don't I change my name through afidfit & keep a nice non believes name!!
Demicriecy is a system of Kufri, its also forbidden to accept & practice. Because whatever the majority wants is RIGHT!!
To get justice & to establish transparency in every sector no alternative but to establish KHELAFA. Though after the death of our beloved prophet only upto 08th century this system was functional & later on due to internal conflicts, conspiracy, unethical different of opinion this system had to shut down. But in Islam only this system is accepted. To know more on it pls visit:


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sunjib sunjib
31-35, M
Sep 11, 2012