The Firm But Nice And Caring Dom

As a Dom I find it so interesting how most people incorrectly perceive the world of Ds / BDSM

Most assume a Dom is a mean abussive tuff guy who wants to hurt and abuse his submissive. Like with all assumptions that is usually not the case. Dom men or Domme women will have many different styles, personalities, needs, likes, dislikes and requirements.

Personally I like to learn about my sub, find out what their needs and desires are as well. For example I like a sub who enjoys pleasing and is a sub or slave to serve others. Other Doms want a strong willed sub who doesnt think they are sub so they can break them and force them to please from fear

The KEY to SUCCESSFUL DOM / SUB or MASTER / SLAVE is a pairing of the right people who share common needs, interest, desires

I will be writing more on spefic subjects over the next few weeks and should you have a topic you would like me to comment on or that you wish to learn about just let me know.

Also I work with training new or experienced subs or slaves. So if you are just curious or very experienced I will work with you. I have also training slaves for other owners or taught subs/slaves how to obey and perform so others would desire and want them

If you are a sub or slave seeking a home let me know, tell me about you
DomForSubmissive DomForSubmissive
46-50, M
May 8, 2012