Head Against A Rock

I love my husband but since his indiscretion we are not as close as we used to be.  He is so busy defending himself that he isn't able to get close to me.  He uses sex to fix this problem and that is just not a way to fix this. I miss being the close friends that we once were. I am so dismayed that he feels this is OK. I really miss him emotionally.  I think I am seattling for what I can get. This really sucks. I am of mind to give up but we were so close before that it is hard to give up on it! It's just sad. 

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I feel you I didn't want anyone to go through the PAIN I'm feeling he seems lost in his own world and that one dosent have space for me so I think I need to move on

Your story is so similiar to mine. Mine hardly ever tells the truth about anything. You can read MY STORY under Lies, Lies..... I too tried to ignor and hope for the best over time, but unfortunately time has now taken its toll on ME !!!

it takes two in order for some hope that it would work

still thinking

I think its hard for some to accept the person back after the indiscretion. even when all has been forgiven, you don't forget. I think by opening up and telling him this, perhaps it will either restore what you have or you finding out that its time to move on. Its never an easy decision to make

People change sweetie. They always do. Time damages you sometimes. Maybe he realized that he's not happy with the choices he's made. If he's not going to love you the way you need to be loved, get a divorce. You need to think about how YOU feel.

It's in my stories. yes

What happened? Did he have an affair?