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I know my situation doesn't sound bad in the telling ,but it is extremely depressing to me. I made an attempt to just end it all last night because I don't see it getting any better. When you're depressed like that, you have tunnel vision to almost the size of a pinhole. I don't understand why people arre so cruel to people who are suicidal sometimes. I know it's wrong to throw away life, but when that life is nothing but pain you just want to get rid of the pain. You tell yourself nothing will change.

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

My friend attempted suicide (once), and my younger brother succeeded so I don't understand suicide, but I know the after-effects.<br />
My friend explained the tunnel vision effect, and I totally get that. Complete focus on one issue to the exclusion of all other things in life I sort of understand. <br />
When my brother committed suicide (car exhaust) I think that the knowledge I had helped make sense out of a situation with no sense (his was a marriage breakdown).<br />
I can't give advice on your situation because I still don't understand in detail - I won't waste my breathe on "think of those left behind" because I understand there isn't room to think about more than the issue. <br />
Most people are cruel because they simply don't grasp suicide - they don't understand it and that makes them deeply nervous about the issue - most people won't even talk about suicide openly!<br />
I think it's sad that people get to this point and, in your case, I hope that somewhere through all this you find someone you can talk to who doesn't judge you and listens.<br />
Good luck

i have tried 8 times to end my life and i never did and as frustrating as it is i am so happy to be getting the help i need to live a healthy life.

i guess that i admit that i'm a little sad and surprised. (tearing up) i enjoy your contributions here. if you ever need to vent or wanna talk, you can message me. i'm experienced at coping with depression in my own life. i just don't want you do give up! there's lots of numbers and hotlines you can call and things you can do. <br />
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Kitty, I'm shocked that you've become depressed enough to feel that suicide was an option...Please don't let the haters win, there are a lot of decent folk around who want you to feel better, it's just that the obnoxious types are more noticeable because they tend to shout the loudest. Please get help for your depression, don't let it overpower you. We don't want to lose you. *Hugs*