Idk If I Do Or Not....

The groups says I need to know I still matter to some people, but I am sit here wondering, do I really matter to some people, or are thye just kind and nice to me, so i get close to them, so when I feel the weaknest with them, and trusting them the most, they just turn around and stab me in the back and leave me feeling broken :(

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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

True people with true hearts, do not abandon the ones who they love !! We ALL have self worth and we ALL are valued---NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE !!<br />
Keep yourself centered around thoes people who are positive in heart and spirit and FOLLOW YOUR OWN HEART !!! It will NEVER FAIL YOU!!<br />
<br />
Your heart friend..<br />
<br />
Master Giley

Don't allow yourself to get cold hearted, but..Maybe you show your weakness's too soon? We all have a weakness..some more than others. In my opinion, weak or foolish people will attack anothers weakness..The ones that think things through and are confident ..go after the strengths. *Smile*